5 Elite Athletes Using Rocky Mountain Barber Products

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5 elite athletes

Athletes always seem to have it all: looks, wealth, fame. What’s their secret? Other than being radically talented, their success and camera-ready appearance can be attributed to more than just great physical conditioning. It’s also about skin and hair conditioning! For that healthy, sweat-glistening glow or flowing, windswept hair, many athletes rely on a pure and natural personal care routine. Favoring only organic ingredients, these athletes require olympic-standard products-- not only for their stadium image but also for their off-field lifestyles.

That’s why a handful of our favorite athletic icons trust in products by Canadian men's grooming company Rocky Mountain Barber Company (RMBC). Christopher Spring, Alex Bono, Jake Dalton, Jay Chapman and Shawn Johnson-- these athletes take their self-care game as seriously as their sport.

But before introducing our all-stars, here’s some tidbits to know about RMBC.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company at a glimpse…

Cedar Spice All In One Shower Wash


Committed to real purity and quality, RMBC believes that each individual product should be as fresh as its original source. Focusing on small-batch production and a nit-picky attention to ingredient integrity, RMBC takes the high road when it comes to creation. Detoxing botanicals, natural oils and wood-crisp scents demand a more intimate and passionate involvement with product development. Only at a micro-level of inspection can RMBC achieve this standard of greatness, moving far, VERY far away from the impersonal trade of mass manufacturing.

It’s like getting grandma’s homemade soup-- all the heart and soul included-- instead of getting Campbell's robotic assembly line. Get the idea? Cleansing with real cedar oil should feel like you’ve entered the cedar woods, while moisturizing with true jojoba oil should feel like you’ve bathed among the exotic jojoba plants of Mexico. No joke-- if it’s not that fresh, it’s not RMBC.

Christopher Spring

Chris Spring

"Whether it's interviews, medal ceremonies or sliding down the track at over 150km/hour, I want my beard to look great."

- Chris Spring, 3 x Olympian and Canadian Bobsled Pilot


Leave it to Olympic bobsledder, Christopher Spring to have the personal care routine of champions.

Chris relies on Rocky Mountain Barber products for that effortless yet high-caliber approach to maintaining his scruff.

As Chris explains, "As a bobsled athlete, I’m on tour for months at a time and although standing atop the podium is important, having a strong beard game for those podium pictures is also very important.” Whether it’s for interviews, medal ceremonies or sliding down the track at over 150km/hour, Chris knows the value of rocking a beard fans love.

“That's why I wanted to partner with a Canadian company that has an amazing product,” says Chris.

One of his favorite goods is the Sandalwood Beard Balm. It keeps his beard neat and soft-- right on point with a lifestyle focused on gold-medal-standards. 

Jake Dalton

Jake Dalton

"I love the outdoors and camping so RMBC's Cedarwood Beard Balm appealed to me. I tried it and loved it."

- Jake Dalton, 4 X World Medalist Gymnast


Now retired, Jake Dalton is an American gymnast who made his mark at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Known for his classic pretty-boy looks and spiked hair, he too swears by the natural products by Rocky Mountain Barber. What other brand could offer the smoothness of Jake’s barely-there chin stubble?

As an outdoor-adventures guy, Jake’s skin deals with all sort of crazy wilderness: wind, rain and blazing heat. RMBC products keep his skin fully weatherproof, as he explains, “I love the outdoors and camping so the Cedarwood Beard Balm appealed to me. I tried it and loved it!"

Alex Bono

Alex Bono

"The Pomade and Beard Balms are fantastic."

- Alex Bono, Goalkeeper, Toronto FC

While playing soccer as a goalkeeper for Toronto FC Major League Soccer, Alex knows all about creating a media-ready look. Groomed and all, he always puts his best game-face on for the field. Usually seen rocking a short lineup beard and thick ethnic curls, he uses Rocky Mountain Barber products to keep his lines looking clean and sharp.

Wildly important for an angular beard, you need to protect your skin from frequent shaves. Only premium hydrating serums can keep your face soft and smooth-- without an ounce of irritation or razor burn. For this reason, Alex will only use natural ingredients to match his healthy routine. He chooses RMBC to upkeep his style: "the Pomade and Beard Balms are fantastic!”, says Alex.

The Pomade is a non-greasy, high-shine styler with a strong hold-- but NOT stiff! Letting you easily whisk your hair into salon looks, it’s ideal for guys who aren’t perfectionists and so, need a hair product that does all the work for you. So a busy athlete like Alex will always opt for RMBC pomade-- all the grooming perks, none of the hassle. 

Jay Chapman

Jay Chapman

"I love using RMBC's Body Wash after a workout and games."

- Jay Chapman, Professional Footballer for Toronto FC


Midfielder for Toronto FC, Jay Chapman is easily one of the most stylish guys in professional soccer. No surprise, he relies on RMBC products for reliable, around-the-clock care.

For his crisp fade and clean-shaven look, Jay’s upkeep is always on-point, both on and off the feild. After his games, he’ll quickly freshen up for interviews. As he explains,"I love using their body wash after a workout and games".

No wonder his grooming game levels with his passing kicks. Keep it up, Jay.

Andrew East & Shawn Johnson


"Not too drying, the natural soap leaves your skin feeling supple and refreshed. I noticed my husband Andrew was using it, so I was inspired to copy him-- his skin looked so much better!”

- Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gymnast


No synthetic stuff for this health-nut athlete. Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist and Winner of Dancing with the Stars, treats her skin to the organic botanicals and detoxing oils, served up by Rocky Mountain Barber Company.

As Shawn states in her blog, she’s pretty addicted to the natural soap. “Not too drying, the natural soap leaves your skin feeling supple and refreshed. I noticed my husband Andrew was using it, so I was inspired to copy him-- his skin looked so much better!”.

Her husband, Andrew East, an NFL football player for the Washington Redskins, is also an avid supporter of natural products. When appearing on television for interviews or game shows like Celebrity Family Feud,  Andrew’s handsome on-screen appearance is an obvious priority. Speaking for them both, Shawn says, “I’ll always choose it over any pricey face wash!”.

Looks like even Hollywood’s elite favor the purity of RMBC’s natural products.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Rocky Mountain Barber Company is a Canadian men’s grooming company inspired by nature. We take great pride in crafting products that include natural ingredients and materials. Through frequent, small-batch production runs we provide customers with the freshest products possible. We love our customers, include free samples with their orders, and are committed to their 100% satisfaction.


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