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Join thousands of other Canadian men who have made the switch to our razor blades and get razor blades delivered to your doorstep with our Great Canadian Shave Club! As Canada's largest independent shave club, our mission is to give you great blades at a great price. Your first month includes 5 blades + a handle + product samples, and each recurring order includes 5 blades (you can choose the frequency). There's no long term commitments and you can pause, cancel or change the frequency at any time!

All orders ship from Canada & ship for free to all Provinces & Territories.


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5 premium triple-blade razor blades

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1 razor handle (first shipment)

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3 samples (first shipment)

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  • Five stainless steel, triple-blade razor blades delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months (you can pause, cancel or change the frequency at any time). Three free samples + one razor handle are included with your first order.
  • You'll receive Loyalty Points for every order which can be redeemed for discounts on full-size products at anytime. Check out our Rewards Program for more details.

Samples have been specially curated from our Shaving Collection and include the following:

Individual Razor Blade:

  • 1 & 5/8" x 0.5"
  • 0.10 ounces
  • Lubricating Gel Strip: Yes
  • Pivoting Head: Yes

Free Razor Handle (First Shipment):

  • 5.1" x 0.59"
  • 1.23 ounces

3 Free Product Samples (First Shipment):

  • Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil: 0.07 fl.oz
  • Sandalwood Shaving Cream: 0.16 fl.oz
  • Sandalwood Aftershave: 0.07 fl.oz

How long before I receive my first order?

Orders are processed immediately and are shipped via Canada Post Lettermail™, meaning you will receive your first order in approximately 4-15 business days, depending on your location.

Recurring orders will ship 30, 60 or 90 days after your initial order date depending on the frequency selected.

Please note that tracking information is not available for Shave Club subscriptions, as they ship via Canada Post Lettermail, which does not issue tracking information.

What will I receive with my subscription?

First orders include:

  • 5 x Razor Blades - Triple-bladed and made in North America.
  • 3 x Product Samples - Sample versions of our most popular shaving full size products, packaged in convenient travel-size sachets.
  • 1 x Razor Handle with your First Shipment - Premium design, rubber-gripped handle with quick-release system.

Recurring orders include:

  • 5 x Razor Blades

How do I pause, cancel or manage my subscription?

First, ensure you've created a store account using the same email address as your Shave Club subscription. Then login to your account here and click Manage Shave Club > Cancel Subscription.

I'm moving. How do I update my shipping address?

To change your shipping address, first login then click Manage Shave Club > Address and shipping information

How do I update my Credit Card information?

To update your Credit Card information, first login then click Manage Shave Club > Payment Information

Do I earn Rewards points on recurring orders?

Yes! You earn points on recurring orders. Visit Rewards Program for more details.

Can I use a discount code?

Discount codes cannot be applied to Shave Club subscriptions.



YOU GET 20% More cartridges than competing shave clubs

While many shave clubs only provide you with 4 cartridges, we go the extra mile (or 1.60 km 😂) by including 5 high-quality cartridges in each of your shipments. By getting more blades you can enjoy close, comfortable shaves more often.


That means our focus is on providing fellow Canadian men with great razors at a great price. Your first order includes samples of our best-selling sandalwood pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave which we make right here in Canada!

All Orders Ship Free from Canada Right To Your Door

We're proud to offer free Canada-wide shipping on all orders from coast to coast! There's no long term commitments and you can pause, cancel or change the frequency at any time.

WHAT ARE shave club members SAYING?

Customer Reviews

Based on 264 reviews
Wayne G.
Fantastic Razor

I just received my razor , and I have to say for the value, this has to be one of the best razors I have ever used.
I will be continuing to use it , along with purchasing the shave cream, aftershave balm and pre shave oil.

Robert B. (Ontario)
Razors do the job.

Razors do the job well. Very sharp and smooth. Not a fan of the sample pre shave oil or the shaving cream. Sandalwood scent doesn’t agree with me. Causes headaches. I won’t be buying any.


J'aime beaucoup ce rasoir taille bien

Luis V. (Quebec)
Good product

Verty good rasor Nice shave.

Ian P. (Manitoba)
Great Shave so far

Better than the shave I got from the big brand razor at a fraction of the cost. The promo products are great. So far I would recommend.

AJ (Alberta)
Excellent product

Excellent product

Craig F. (British Columbia)
Great improvement

I left the “big guys” when two purchases disappointed me. Not sharp, expensive and I was upset that my historical supplier let me down. My first shave with this product was a delight, and I am still on blade number 1 two weeks later. Break out of your purchasing rut and give these guys a chance. I am confident you will enjoy the experience.

Stuart L. (Alberta)

Handles a bit light
And 6 blade cartridge would be better
Not as close as dollar shave club .that we switched from