Best Men's Haircuts of 2019

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Vintage is always finer for a reason. For 2019, men’s haircuts are embracing the old, the new or a cool fusion of both. So if you’re impressed by those slick lads on Boardwalk Empire, update your style with a nod to the 20’s gentleman. Or if you prefer the carefree wisps rocked by Kevin Bacon in Footloose, consider refreshing your look with an 80’s inspired twist. Trendy and timeless all at once, prepare to take a walk down memory lane for your hair inspiration. Here’s an overview of the top haircut trends for men in 2019.

The undercut


Some things never go out of style. As one of the most versatile hairstyles, the undercut offers tons of room for customization, depending on your personal taste and facial features. And fortunately, it’s also one of the most popular men’s hairstyles of 2019.

Classic undercut

classic undercut

Influenced by the 1920’s, the undercut gives you that dapper gentleman appeal. With either a combover or side part, your undercut should be meticulously styled for that upscale finish. Take your cues from Jimmy Darmody’s hairstyle. He dons a polished swept-back top and short sides-- classic.

Alternatively, you can opt for an undercut with side part. It’s more sophisticated-- less bad-boy underling. So naturally, this style is common with the corporate buffs of the world. Just check out  any banker from Wolf of Wallstreet or Harvey Spector’s character in Suits. It’s ideal if you’ve been craving a cut that lends more maturity.

Textured undercut

For a more modern spin on the undercut, add a high fade to the sides. The thickness of hair at the top will contrast the sides, creating a bolder, cleaner effect. David Beckham shows how it’s done, but instead of a neat comb-over, he rocks short, spiked layers on top. Much lower maintenance, yet still cool and edgy, this haircut is great for low-fuss style. Just add a little pomade to keep those layers in check with a light, flexible hold.

Long undercut

For the diva dudes who refuse to chop their length, there’s the undercut pompadour or quiff undercut. It’s similar to the latter hairstyles, except a lot higher maintenance-- especially with the most updated version: the disconnected side part with a high drop fade. This modern take on the undercut creates more dimension for a modern edge.

Looking as fancy as the effort required, this hairstyle demands frequent maintenance. The reason is the need for keeping a clear distinction between the disconnected side part and the long dresses on top. Otherwise, you’ll lose the whole impact-- it’s not one of those haircuts that can grow out seamlessly. So unless you’re the type to bromance with your stylist, you won’t want to commit to this upkeep.

Mid-length waves

mid-length waves

Johnny Depp might be hard-pressed that his 70’s hipster waves are no longer one-of-a-kind. More fashion icons are getting on board with mid-length waves: Jason Momoa and Kit Harrington, to name a few. And while it may be coincidence that they’re both Game Of Thrones badasses, these long locks aren’t just for fictional war heroes. In fact, even on the runway, mid-length waves are a popular men’s hairstyle for 2019.

The buzz cut

For a long time, the military cut was akin to tough-guy culture. True to its rep, the buzz cut only graced the heads of edgy miscreants: UFC fighters, prisoners, clueless rascals from the 90’s and Jason Statham. For 2019, men’s haircuts are trimming down. Tom Hardy, Zayn Malik and Wentworth Miller are turning this army cut into a prettyboy staple.

Buzz cuts have plenty of variations. Generally, you can keep the top at about a 3.0, while the sides fade to a 1.0, but if you’re worried about big ears, keep the top longer, at about a 4 or 5, and go for a drop fade instead.

Depending on your hairline, your stylist can also customize the sides with clippers. Get face-framing edges, like Zayn Malik’s tapered sides, or for thinning hair, just buzz everything down to a 1.0.

Loose pomp

loose pompadour

Feeling a little off-kilter? Rebelling against the Elvis-esque tradition of perfectly sculpted quaffs, the loose pomp offers a looser, more carefree texture. Less product and less effort, the top can be styled into a variety of free-flowing finishes: the sideways swivel, the disheveled combover or even (for those creative enough), the messy yet controlled layer cut.

In terms of the sides, you’ve got lots of flexibility for 2019. But just keep in mind: a loose pomp with mid-length sides appear more classic and distinguished, while choosing a high fade looks much bolder and trendier. Talk to your stylist about the sides beforehand. You’ll want to ensure the haircut as a whole compliments your personal taste.

Even if you’re just casually browsing for new haircuts, being open to slight adjustments can make a huge difference. Going from short sides to a clean, tapered cut or adding more texture to your waves will have a more updated effect. Whether you’re a practical, low-effort guy or a picky man-princess, there’s a style to satisfy all standards. For fashion or function, or maybe both, these popular men’s hairstyles for 2019 will be your next big mood-upper.

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