Buy Any Item, Get Two Free Razor Blades

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We’re big believers in rewarding customer loyalty. It’s why we’re now rewarding you with two free razor blades with every item ordered.

You read that correctly.

Two free razor blades with every item ordered. Every time.

The math is simple:

Buy 1 Item, Get 2 Razor Blades:

2 razors

Buy 2 Items, Get 4 Razor Blades: 

4 razors

Buy 3 Items, Get 6 Razor Blades:

6 razors

Shopping from Rocky Mountain Barber Company means you never have to pay for razor blades again.

And don't worry, you have the option of selecting a compatible razor handle before checkout. Or you can use your own, if it's compatible with Mach3® razor blades*.

Why are we doing this?

Spending your hard earned money on pieces of metal you only use a few times then throw out has never made a lot of sense to us. The end result is having to spend most of your money on razor blades and only a few dollars on lower quality products (i.e. that $2.99 shaving cream with an ingredient list out of a NASA laboratory).

But what if we changed the value equation?

What if there was a way to spend the same amount of money on the things that truly make a difference - products with natural, high quality ingredients free of harmful chemicals and additives - and none on the things thrown in the garbage after a few uses?

What if you finally were rewarded for your loyalty?

Go into any drug store and purchase a deodorant, body wash, hair product and face wash and you might receive $.05 in store loyalty points. Even if you were to buy all four products from the same company, you aren't rewarded for choosing them.

With Rocky Mountain Barber Company, not only will you receive high quality products made with natural ingredients, but you'll be rewarded  with two free razor blades with every item purchased. We reward you every single time for choosing us.

How do I get my free razor blades?


It's easy - as you add items to your shopping cart, the number of free razor blades you can receive increases. When reviewing your Cart, simply choose your razor blades, click “Add to Cart”, and your free razor blades will ship along with the items you ordered!

What If I don't want razor blades?

Rocky Mountain Barber Samples

We have product samples items available in all of product categories if you'd prefer to explore some of our other products. You can simply select these instead of your razor blades before checkout.

Is this a shave club?

No. You do not have to sign up for anything or pay a subscription fee. We are simply rewarding our customers for their loyalty by giving them free products when they buy from us, as they normally would. There is no additional fee or subscription required.

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by The Gillette Company LLC, owner of the registered trademark Mach3®

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