Men's Grooming Gift Guide: 2019 Edition

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‘Tis the season to shop. If you love the holidays like we do, you know that the right gift makes the best memories—and yes, that special Christmas spirit too. So this season, give your friend, father, fella, or yourself the VIP treatment with a grooming essentials kit. With natural ingredients and handmade love, our products offer salt-of-the earth goodness, keep him happy and healthy, and deliver a premium barbershop experience at home he'll never forget.

Here’s our top holiday gift choices to buy in 2019.

New in 2019

Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

shampoo and conditioner

Fresher than a Winter Wonderland, this cleansing combo pack keeps hair clean and minty fresh.

Restoring his hair at the roots, the shampoo is infused with essential oils to nourish the scalp, while the conditioner adds a rich boost of hydration to protect each strand. Made using only the purest ingredients like real eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint essential oil, he gets a deep dose of nature for the best clean. 

Perfect for a health-conscious lifestyle, these products are free from artificial fragrance, parabens and sulfates.

Barbershop Shaving Cream

shaving cream

Treat him to the barber-grade shave from home. For the most authentic experience, we take grooming back to its old-school roots, reviving the good ol’ days of handmade shaving cream.

This vintage elegance pays tribute to the original gents like Al Capone and F.Scott Fitzgerald— our well-groomed forefathers who inspire classic luxury.

The Barbershop Shaving Cream is made with natural, face-loving ingredients like coconut oil and aloe. It’s a nutrient-rich lather that’s calming for sensitive skin, the ideal holiday gift for him.

Shaving Soap: Cedar Spice 

shave soap cedar spice

Transport him to a time when shaving was pure and simple. Forget about aerosol cans and toxic chemicalsCedar Spice shaving soap is 100% natural, just as real barber-grade products ought to be. It’s made with premium ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil to leave skin smooth and healthy.

There’s no artificial fragrance; we use Sweet Orange, Patchouli, & Cinnamon Leaf Oil to achieve our signature scent. It leaves a light trace of crisp forest spice to keep him smelling handsomely clean all day.

Shaving Soap: Spearmint 

shave soap

Make his shaving ritual special with a classic barber-grade shave soap. Scents of spearmint bring the freshness of nature to his grooming routine. The formula is 100% natural, crafted with only the best ingredients like Eucalyptus oil and Shea Butter. 

With no artificial fragrance, this signature scent uses organic Spearmint and Spruce, inspired by the wilderness of the Canadian rockies. His face will be minty-fresh and soft to-the-touch.

Clear Shave Gel

shave gel

For guys who take shaving seriously, this clear shave gel lets him master every hairy detail. It works exactly like a traditional shave cream, except for one key difference: it goes on clear so he can easily see where he’s shaving. Oh, and no lathering required.

Never missing a spot, he can create sharper lines around his beard, mustache, sideburns or goatee. 

It’s the perfect holiday gift for guys with sensitive skin or breakouts. Its lubricating aloe-enriched formula pampers the skin, letting the razor glide easily over the face without tugging or irritation. 

Beard Oil Variety Pack

variety packs

At 5ml each, these tester-size bottles means he'll get to sample as much as his heart desires. Containing our four popular beard oil varieties (Unscented, Bamboo, Cedarwood and Sandalwood) and infused with ingredients like Grapeseed, Coconut, Jojoba and Argan Oil, our Beard Oil Variety Pack is the perfect way to find a new favourite.

Shower Steamers 

shower steamers

Inspired by Hot Springs, these shower steamers recreate a geothermal experience at home. Releasing a mist filled with Peppermint & Eucalyptus oil into the air, he can transform his shower into nature’s hot springs—an escape unlike any other. 

For thousands of years, humans used these aroma treatments in steam rooms and saunas for stress relief and recovery. The steam will also give him a clearer complexion by opening the pores and releasing toxins from the skin. 

It’s a therapeutic, spa-like experience, packed in 6 individually wrapped shower steamers that are easy to use. 

New Bundles in 2019

Pomade & Comb Bundle

pomade and comb

No more lazy hair days. The pomade and comb duo lets him create a big-boy hairstyle in seconds. Taking the hassle out of hairstyling, this holiday gift features two essential barber-grade tools to maintain consistent, quality results. The anti-static pearwood comb detangles the hair gently, while the water-based pomade adds shape and shine to his hair without looking greasy. 

After all, we know there's nothing worse than getting a great haircut, only to struggle with remodelling the same hairstyle at home. Now he can get professional results—even with amateur styling skills. 

Body Wash Variety Pack Bundle

shower washes

Every guy craves a soapy scrub-down and a foamy lather. Keep this experience pure and simple with the all-in-one body wash that meets his grooming needs in one convenient bottle. 

This holiday gift delivers the five shower essentials: shampoo, body wash, conditioner, beard wash and face wash. No more hoarding multiple bottles in the shower; instead, he gets one multipurpose solution, perfect for a clean and minimal lifestyle. 

Each body wash is made with aloe for moisture that lasts through the day. The pack comes with three stimulating scents: Cedar Spice, Birchwood and Bay Rum. 

Any of these holiday gift ideas will make him smile (and feel great too). After all, guys aren’t puzzles when it comes to their essential grooming needs. Something simple, natural and effective will do the trick. We're sure it’ll be a merry moment indeed.


Free Stocking Stuffers With Your Order


At Rocky Mountain Barber Company, we reward you for your loyalty by including free product samples with every item ordered. Conveniently-sized and perfect for the gym or travel, our samples are a great way to test new scents and find new favourites, making them the perfect stocking stuffers. Choose from a variety of freebies at checkout.



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