How Do I Style My Son's Hair for Events?

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There are those who like to fuss and worry about their little boy’s hair, but the truth is that any good cut from a reliable barber will work for daily wear. However, there will be times when you want something a bit fancier or more comfortable than his usual look.

Don’t worry—styling your son’s hair isn’t as hard as it sounds, even if you’ve never done it before. Here we’ll go over how you can style your son’s hair for big events, including weddings, big games, and picture days. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to have your son looking cute in minutes.

How do I style my son’s hair for a wedding?

Parents don’t always get a chance to dress up their kid to the nines, so when a big formal event like a wedding comes around, it’s the perfect opportunity for your son to try out a new, fancy hairstyle. Luckily, as long as the cut is good, you really can’t go wrong styling your son’s hair. Long or short, there are tons of looks that work for formal events.

For big events, we recommend getting your son’s hair cut up to a week before the big day. Don’t wait for the day before; you want to let him wear the look for a bit, so you can see if there’s anything you want to clean up or fix.

Traditionally, weddings call for short, neat cuts. A simple side part with a fade is a great, simple look that’s also easy to style. Rub a bit of paste into your hands and work it through his hair, then pull the side part with a comb.

Kid's Neat Hairstyle

If your son has wavy locks, you can get a great look with a dollop of clay. Style with your hands instead of a comb to really show off his hair’s texture. If you want the neatness of a short cut with the flexibility of longer hair, a medium to long cut with an undercut does the job. Put some hard-holding gel in his hair and part it with a comb.

A top knot or man bun are cute looks that’s awesome for boys with longer hair. Clean the look up by trimming the sides short. Give his hair some loose styling cream to keep it looking shiny and healthy throughout the event.

Weddings call for a bit of extra care and attention to your son’s look, but when the pictures come back, you’ll be glad you put in the extra effort.


How do I style my son’s hair for picture day?

For some parents, picture day can be a stressful time of year. Avoid all the hubbub and hurry and help your son snap the perfect portrait with these helpful tips. All you have to do to get the perfect picture day picture is remember these two things:

  • Spend time picking a look together…
  • get his hair cut at least 3 days before picture day…
  • and wash his hair the evening before picture day—not the day of! 

Picking a picture day hairstyle is a big decision. Involve your son in the process—after all, he’ll be wearing the look! Ask him about his preferences regarding length and style. Are there any celebrities or friends whose hair he really likes? Do a bit of online searching together for cuts that will work for his hair type and color, and gather up examples that you can take to the barber.

Picture Day Kids

Get your son’s hair cut at least three days before picture day. Why? Well, new cuts can take time to get used to. If your son is trying a fresh look, you’ll need time to learn how to style it properly. Also, if the barber gives him a bad cut, you’ve still got a few days to fix it (please don’t grab a pair of scissors and try to “clean it up” yourself).

And the last tip: don’t wash your son’s hair the morning of picture day! Most schools won’t tell you the exact time your kid’s class will face the camera, so it might still be damp or frizzy when he gets his photo taken. Instead, shampoo and condition his hair the evening before. The next day, you should only need a splash of water and some hair product for styling. The look should be set long before he arrives at school.

How do I style my son’s hair for sports?

If your son is into sports, you’ll want to consider hairstyles that won’t bother them when they’re playing. You may be surprised to learn how many different looks can work for most sports, though some will be easier to maintain than others. Also, be sure to read up on any hair regulations that apply in your son’s youth league before helping him pick a look.

Shorter cuts are always the safest options. They’re easy to maintain, are comfortable even under a helmet, and you won’t have to worry about hair getting in your son’s face. They aren’t likely to break any youth league hair rules, either.

Some boys like to wear their hair a bit longer. Not a problem! Remember: any style works, so long as you can keep the hair out of his face.

Something like a classic crew cut is sharp, clean, and requires almost no maintenance. You can ask the barber to leave a bit of length at the top for a bit of styling flexibility. Rub a dab of hair gel or clay between your hands, then work it through his hair. Style to preference with a comb or your hands. For a more natural, tousled look, replace the gel or clay with a spritz of salt sea spray.

Other great short hairstyles for sports are the slick back with a fade, the tight pompadour, the hard side part, and the simple scissor-cut quiff. Those looking for something truly hassle-free can always go with a buzz cut. Just remember to ask your kid if he’s okay with shaving his hair down! 

Some boys like to wear their hair a bit longer. Not a problem! Remember: any style works, so long as you can keep the hair out of his face. For kids with the right hair type, tight braids are a great way to keep longer hair under control. Also, headbands, hairbands, and hard-holding hair products are your friends. 

Speaking of hair products, avoid heavy hair products if they’ll be playing with a helmet. His hair is just going to get jumbled up under the head gear, and most gels, pomades, and clays will feel heavy and uncomfortable under the helmet.

When it comes to styling your son’s hair for sports, comfort should take top priority. We all want our kids to look great all the time, but if he’s spending more time trying to preserve his carefully coiffed pompadour than trying to win the game, you might want to think about a style that’s easier to manage.

How do I style my son’s hair for school?

Hair For School

Styling your son’s hair for school doesn’t call for anything fancy. Since this is his daily look, you can give him a bit more freedom in choosing the length and how he wants to wear it. Of course, you don’t want him going to school looking unkempt and sloppy, so here are some tips for school-ready hair cuts that are easy to style and still give your son room to express his personality.

Social media is a great source to find trending hairstyles for kids. Not all the looks will work—some might be too complex and time-consuming for daily wear—but you can look through examples with your son to find one that does.

A classic French with a high fade is a cute look that’s easy to throw together in the morning. This look is short on the sides with a mop on top that you can tousle with hair clay for some texture. You can also comb it back with some hair gel for a nice slicked back look or pull it to the sides for a neat part.

Medium-length hair works great, too. Ask the barber to cut it in layers to give his hair a bit of volume and texture. This hairstyle is great for kids that love to run around, as the layered cut allows for bounce without ruining the look. It’s not necessary, but you can also add a touch of hair product to help keep all his locks in place without losing the movement.


If you’re the type who worries about how their son looks, we hope this article has helped alleviate some of that burden. Yes, we all want our kid to be the cutest on the playground, but just keep in mind that confidence and comfort in one’s skin is much more impressive than the most complex hairstyle. So long as your son feels good with the hair he’s got, he already looks amazing.

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