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As summer turns to fall, styling can get a little trickier. For even the most accomplished dressers, this in-between season can be unpredictable; switching from hot to cold, the weather can mess up your styling rhythm… will it be boots or runners, long-sleeve shirts or short? Fortunately, there’s some clever ways to take your look from summer to autumn. Follow these dressing tips to prepare for transitional weather.

Layer up: casual

Here’s a cool fashion shortcut: layer your clothing to adjust your look through temperature changes. This way, you can add or remove pieces throughout the day. Smart, right?

falltime men's clothing

To begin your day, go for a plain or patterned shirt, layered under a cardigan or knit sweater. Top it off with a black bomber, military jacket or leather jacket. Here, your attire becomes adaptable; if it gets warmer, you can simply ditch the extra layer, but if it stays chilly, you've still got a comfortably awesome outfit-- win-win.

For the pants, go for twill or cargo joggers— keep the sluggish cotton ones for lazing at home. Shoes can be slip-on sneakers or suede Chukka boots in a neutral color like taupe or khaki.

shoes for autumn

Invest in sport jackets and blazers: the office

First off, let’s review the difference between sport jackets and blazers. The blazer is a step below the sport jacket. Unlike the suit jacket, a blazer isn’t designed with a matching pair of trousers. Blazers also fit more loosely compared to suit jackets which are more structured, particularly in the shoulders.

When you're caught between summer and autumn, you shouldn't still be rocking your flimsy linen blazer to work. Instead, embrace heavier fabrics like tweed or wool. If your office space is more laidback, go for a warm blazer in navy, grey or plaid. For bottoms, it’s slim fit pants or cotton trousers (no pleats).

falltime men's fashion

But if your line of work demands a little more snobbery in the fashion department, you’ll invest in some sport coats with matching pants. Shoes should also be a tad more upscale—so leather oxfords obviously.

Go dark or go home: out on the town

Here's a bright idea: give up your bright summer colors and switch to dark neutrals that blend. And yes, that means no more flashy pinks and baby blues— unless it’s a belt or scarf.

To stand out from the crowd, rely on your styling-savvy with dashing charcoal and black pieces. Consider a v-neck sweater, layered over a collared shirt, or a fitted sweater with narrow sleeves to show off your build. You can even find versions with sleek geometric patterns for a more modern touch.

Shoes can be Chelsea boots in burnished or nappa leather. It’s a tad shinier than aniline leather, making them snazzy for going out, but not too polished, like patent leather, which has a glossy finish.

Don’t be caught in summer clothes when the season is purging with leaves. Just follow these fresh autumn looks and you’ll never have to worry about being seasonally appropriate.

Keeping Your Beard, Skin & Hands Hydrated

beard balms autumn

Although many look forward to relief from the summer heat, Autumn is a time when dry skin can become an issue, especially in drier climates. Try our natural Beard Balm or Oil to prevent a dry, itchy beard, or our soothing Aftershave, Facial Moisturizer or Hand Cream to help protect and hydrate your skin and hands from harsh weather.

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