What is a Shave Gel and Why You Need it

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What is a Shave Gel and Why You Need it

If you’ve ever tried shaving with acne or lining up your beard, moustache, goatee or sideburns using traditional shaving cream, you know how it can be like trying to shave with your eyes closed. Traditional shaving creams, whether in the form of foam, cream or lather, typically go on thick, and as a result, make it nearly impossible to see where those skin blemishes and irritation points are located or when your facial hair lines start and stop.

Thankfully, shave gels are a relatively new shaving solution to the men’s grooming space that help solve these problems in a number of ways.

clear shave gel

Shave Gel Goes On Clear

The biggest and most obvious benefit to using a shave gel is that it goes on clear. When you shave with traditional shaving soaps or creams, shaving over things like moles, acne, scars, eczema etc. can be annoying and painful. Typically you’ll either accidentally shave over the area - likely resulting in some serious pocket change being donated to the swear jar – or, similar to cutting down a sheet of plywood, you’ll find yourself shaving around the general area first, then slowly moving your shave inward around the affected area until you think you’ve gotten rid of all the hairs. The only problem is it takes a lot more time to shave like this and you can often miss hairs, which can leave you looking like a tween trying to grow out his first beard.

Shaving GelUse a shave gel exactly how you would use your existing shave cream.

When you use a shave gel you can not only see affected areas easily, and shave around them on the first pass, but you can also see exactly where your facial hair lines start and stop. Guys with any form of facial hair know lining up beard, moustache, or even hairlines with traditional creams is often super messy and wasteful. Many times, guys will apply shaving cream to their face then wipe it off with a towel so they can get a precise cut. Wiping away shaving cream usually results in a few issues:

1) You’re not getting the best lubrication and protection between your blade and your skin, which can lead to a more aggressive shave.

2) Often times the cream will get mixed in with your facial hair which can give you a false sense of where your facial hair starts and stops, resulting in line ups that are either crooked or uneven.

Shave Gel for BeardA shaving gel is perfect for maintaining beards, goatees, or shaving with acne.

You Get the Same Great Performance as a Shave Cream

The other added benefit of using a shave gel is that you get the same level of lubrication and protection between your blade and your face as you do with traditional shave cream or shave soaps. Whether you wipe away cream or use only water and a razor, you’re likely not getting an effective amount of lubrication that’s required to shave properly – this can result in pulling and tugging of hairs which can lead to an uneven line-up and skin irritation.

Clean up is also much easier with a shave gel. After your shave you can either wipe off what remains directly with a towel or wash your face then pat dry. Because of this, it also makes for a great travel shave solution that can be used at the office or on the road when you don’t want to worry about making a mess while you shave.

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