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Casual Fridays are one of life’s fun little freedoms. While we half-heartedly grind away at work in anticipation for the weekend (TGIF), we ditch the uptight suit-and-tie look for a more easygoing attire, letting us slide into cocktail hour just in time. It all sounds awesome in theory, but how well do you master the laidback office look? The rules mostly come down to your type of job. Here’s some guidelines to follow for what to wear on casual Fridays.

If you’re a corporate hotshot or wannabe

Casual Day - Suit

In the big leagues of corporate domination, you’ve got to look the part— even on Fridays. So unfortunately, you’re kind of an excluded from dress-down privileges. Sorry.

Just think of  Harvey Spector. Have you ever seen him sporting anything less than his best made-to-measure suit? Not in a lifetime! He always looks as expensive as his billables; expect nothing less for yourself. There’s no days off for excellence.

If you’re an office underling


From consulting to marketing, you’re fully entitled to a casual Friday. But it’s a delicate approach: dress too casually and you look unprofessional, but be too formal, and you’re weirdly overdressed.

To play it safe, go with a crew neck sweater or a collar-cardigan layered over a crew-neck shirt. You can also just stick with your office shirt with the sleeves rolled. For the bottoms, wear chambray or slim-fit dress pants, linen pants or trousers. There’s also more flexibility with pant colors here; if you’ve been itching to try your look with pastel hues, now’s your chance.

And swap your office shoes for loafers.

If you’re in arts & design or some other trendy gig


Just like your job, your casual Friday outfits get more creative leeway. Basically, if you’re working in that modern feng shui type of space, filled with Instagram addicts and vegan food, nobody cares if you’re rocking jeans.

But let’s get more specific. You can also go with a Henley shirt or basic v-neck, worn with twill pants or cargos. Your shoes can be suede oxfords, Chukka boots or if you’re feeling really relaxed, Converse.

If you’re a CEO


You can roll out of bed wearing pajamas and still play god. Enjoy it, man.

Okay, but if you’re a tad more accountable, you can take your pick from any of the following tips mentioned earlier. After all, the world is your oyster.

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