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Triple Blades
With lubricating gel strip to reduce irritation

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Quality blades proudly made in North America

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We believe you should be rewarded for your loyalty. It's why we give you two free razor blades or one free product sample for every item you order. You choose at checkout.


Our triple coated blade edges provides for a close and comfortable shave while helping to reduce irritation.  

Our anti-clog cartridge makes it easy to quickly rinse clean between passes and after shaving.


Our razors pivoting head shaves to the contours of your face, resulting in a close and consistent shave each and every time.

Perfectly balanced to help glide closer to your face with every pass.


Its ergonomic design and rubber grips means it fits in your handle comfortably while shaving.

Blades are easily replaced and discharged with the quick release push button on the rear of the handle.

Customer Testimonials

"As a daily shaver, I go through a lot of blades. I'm consistently impressed by how long RMBC's blades last and how good they feel on my skin. I can confidently say I'll never pay for other blades again after discovering this company."

David A.  -  Burlington, ON

"These blades are great. I have a full beard but use a razor to trim my cheeks and neckline occasionally. Getting free blades with every item I order is perfect because I have complete control over how many razors I get, and when I get them."

Andrew S.  - Oakville, ON

"I'm a consistent user of a RMBC's Shaving Cream. Getting 2 blades along with my usual order is a fantastic added bonus. These blades are just as comfortable as any others out there."

Adam K.  - Richmond, BC

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