Men's Double Edge Safety Razor

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Many safety razors are either too aggressive, resulting in unwanted irritation, or too mild, requiring many passes to remove hairs. Our three-piece safety razor is perfectly balance to give you a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

Features: Premium Brass and accepts all standard double edge safety razor blades (not included).

One of the biggest advantages of safety razors is that its weighted handle and single blade design provides you with more control when shaving. Its single blade design means you need to do 2-3 passes for a complete shave so the likelihood of irritation, razor burns, ingrown hairs or shave bumps is reduced. An added benefit is that razor blades are often much cheaper than traditional blades and they are 100% recyclable.

Includes 1 safety razor in a packaged box.

Blades are not included

Our 104 g safety razor measures 10 cm (H). The handle is 1.2 cm in diameter and the head is 4 cm (L) x 2.4 cm (W)

To insert or change a blade:

1. Holding the razor handle in one hand, carefully grasp the outer edges of the razor head with the other, ensuring that contact with the sharpened edge of the blade is avoided.

2. Twist the razor handle counter-clockwise to unscrew the handle from the razor head.

3. Grasping the unsharpened edges, carefully insert a standard-size safety razor blade in between the base plate and cap. Screw to tighten. Razor blades not included.


You Get A Smooth, Balanced Shave

Many safety razors are either too aggressive, resulting in unwanted irritation, or too mild, requiring many passes to remove hairs. Our three-piece safety razor is perfectly balance to give you a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

It's A Heavyweight In The Shaving World

Safety razor weight plays a critical role in how easy it is to remove hairs while shaving. At 104 grams, our safety razor provides you with the weight & control needed to shave with less effort & pressure.

It Helps Prevent Tugging, Cuts & Irritation While Shaving

Our safety razor features a closed comb design and is made with a fully-enclosed safety bar which provides the optimal amount of blade-to-skin contact while shaving. This added layer of protection means an over aggressive blade or lapse in technique around hard to shave places like your neck or upper lip won’t cut or nick your skin and cause irritation.

It's Easy to Replace Blades & Easy to Clean

Our 3 piece design makes removing and replacing blades a breeze. Simply twist the handle to separate the pieces and swap your old blade for a fresh one. Our 3 piece design also means rinsing out shaving cream and small hairs in between passes and after shaving is a breeze. When it’s time to give your razor a deep and thorough clean you’ll love being able to separate all three pieces from one another.

It's A Daily Indulgence

Whether you use shaving cream, shave soaps, shaving gels or just water (you brave, brave man) our safety razor will work with all creams, gels and soaps you pair it with. Our razor is perfect for both well seasoned wet-shavers - always on the hunt for their next great razor - or a rookie to the safety razor game looking for a reliable daily shaver.


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Joe I. (California)
Worth the money!

have been buying their products for around 2 years now and they never let me down. bought this product to try out a safety razor and its amazing. the weight feels perfect, super easy to use and provides the best shaving experience. Rocky Mountain, I want you to come out with your own blades for this though! id love to continue the support and would love to have razor blades for this by your brand! thank you for providing the best products.

Deborah D. (Nova Scotia)

Great working razor.


Wish I was a bit more clear thay it didn't come with a razor, so for now it's a nice paper weight

Michael L. (Virginia)
New razor

Razor is well built but drug store blades are not a tight fit and don’t line up good when tightened. Any suggestions for better blade for? I like the razor but blade fit is an issue.

oliver s.
A real razor not for the wimpy

The razor remains in its box unopened , because I already have one just like it that I bought from the Rocky Moutain razor company years ago . My last purchase was to have it as a back up just in case something should ever happen to my first one . Actually though this razor is so well built that it is practically indestructible , good heavy metal and no butterfly type opening to tear up . It unscrews below the portion that holds the razor blade . The threads where it unscrews are large so cross threading is un-likely and has never even come close to happening with me . With me now owning two of these tough built razors I will probably be leaving it " likely both " for someone to inherit should I die in a few more decades . -- And to boot , it gives a very close shave and with a little practice most people will find they seldom nick themselves .

Guy C. (Ontario)

I find it to be between a mild and medium aggressive shave depending on if your working off the safety plate or the cap. Comfortable weight and grip and the balance is easy to get used to which makes the razor a delight to use. It cleans up without too much effort and looks good amongst my other razors in my collection. If the beautiful finish holds up, I believe that you have a winner on your hands. Great job guys!

Jessie S.

Works like it supposed to, takes getting used to but love the shave it gives

Mark C.
New convert to safety razors

This is the first time I've used a safety razor. I'm still getting used to it, but I like it so far. I got tired of the rising prices of proprietary mail-order razors and the increasingly leftist rhetoric of the companies that sell them. And I wanted to buy from a Canadian company.