Benefits of Using a Natural Deodorant

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Switching to a natural deodorant is something you may have considered at one point or another. Whether it's because you've wanted to try a more natural way of eliminating body odor or haven't been able been to find the right deodorant that works for you, there are a number of beneficial reasons to give some serious consideration to making the switch.  



No Added Fragrances 

One of the biggest reasons for making the switch is that a good natural deodorant will contain no added fragrances. Instead of using artificial scents, natural deodorants get their scents from essential oils. These essential oils are extracted from herbs or fruits like rosemary, lemongrass, and tea tree oil, which not only help prevent the buildup of sweat-eating bacteria (the BO culprits), but they provide a natural, refreshing scent to your deodorant.

Natural Deodorants Are Aluminum-Free 

natural deodorant in bag

Regular deodorants often contain aluminum to help reduce the amount of sweat you perspire. Although this helps with reducing how much you sweat, clogging your armpits and preventing your pores from releasing sweat is never a good idea. Sweating is your body's way of detoxing and trying to suppress your body's natural functions is never a good idea.

Deodorants containing aluminum are just a quick-fix solution for odor. Think about it this way: it’s pretty similar to how you might deal with someone you're trying to avoid. Sure, ignoring their texts feels right in the short run, but eventually it’ll blow up in your face when they see you out and about. Same idea with your armpit juice; you might be BO-proof in the short-term, but in the long-term, you’re causing even more problems. For this reason, a natural deodorant free of aluminum still provides the protection you need without any harmful consequences.

Natural Protection With Natural Ingredients

Natural Deoderant

To keep you fresh, natural deodorants use natural ingredients to soak up your sweat and prevent body odor. Ingredients such Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil & Shea Butter provide natural means of eliminating body odor and nourishing your skin. 

Your underarms can be a pretty sensitive area, and natural deodorants can help with ensuring your armpits do not become overly dry and easily irritated.

Paraben-Free Protection

Natural Deoderant close-up

If you need just one reason to switch to a natural deodorant, let this one be it: no parabens! This synthetic ingredient is a preservative that’s commonly used in personal care products because they’re cheap to produce.

But when parabens are absorbed into our bloodstream, they cause tons of health issues. Not only do they decrease your sperm count and boost estrogen  they are linked to a higher risk of cancer.

We’ve got a limited set of bargaining chips for our health. Always keep the odds stacked in your favor so your lifelong awesomeness is never a gamble. Or perhaps it’s something else that sways your hygienic loyalties? If it’s about wanting to smell great, remember that your odor must be complimented-- not buried. And that, my friends, is the job of a natural deodorant.


Make the switch to our new Sweet Orange Deodorant and start getting the benefits of a natural deodorant today. 100% natural and infused with ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Fruit, Clementine Oil, Sweet Orange Oil & Labdanum Oil. Aluminum & Paraben-Free.


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