What jewelry should guys wear?

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If you’re not wearing man jewelry by 2018, you can’t call yourself a fashion guru. And no, it’s not just for metro, flashy fellows. All the best dressing alphas in Hollywood wear them-- just look to Bradley Cooper or Beckham. Want to know how to wear cool man jewelry? Here are the top designs to collect.



With tribal jewelry, you’re crossing cultural boundaries. You’ll be harnessing looks from regions like Native America to Sub-Saharan Africa. This cool man jewelry flaunts ethnic patterns and textures, including braided leather, wood and bone. Since they’re earth tones, you can match them with anything--except for office attire. See our color guide for further guidance.

You can wear tribal bracelets or necklaces singularly or layer different ones together within the same color family.


biker jewelry

Motto fashion is classically cool. Embodying the roughrider image, biker jewelry gives you that rebel edge to spruce up a basic outfit.

Seek out black leather wristbands with silver studs or screws. Take your inspiration from Alexander McQueen whose legendary skull jewelry turns biker style into high fashion. With this caliber of jewelry, you can acceptably wear it with a suit or any upscale garbs.

This genre also houses punk-inspired jewelry. These pieces offer industrial-looking details with spikes and bolts.  Here, you’re taking a 1980’ Aerosmith approach to style, but these punky trinkets only work for casual wear-- not your formal finest.

Silver necklaces

silver necklace

Silver chains are an embarrassing trend hiccup from the 90’s. Until further notice, they’ll be kept in the past where they belong, along with popped collars and sunglasses at night.

But there are updated versions of silver necklaces that are trend-approved. Long necklaces made from tiny silver beads or a thin, thread-like chain are great, especially with a funky pendant attached, like a shark tooth, medallion or bullet.



If you’re a free-spirit with a mellow aura, go with rustic raiments. This is jewelry made from earthy materials like amber, calfskin, hemp and coconut. These textures give off a raw, woodsy feel-- think of hiking in the wilderness or camping out on the beach. It’s all about looking rugged and natural.

On your next backpacking trip, keep an eye out for local merchants selling authentic, handmade jewelry crafted with materials from the land. You won’t find man jewelry more unique.

Cool man jewelry comes down to personalizing your look. Choose a theme that lets you feel comfortable and true to your identity.  Jewelry is meant to enhance your image-- not change it.

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