Best Men’s Haircuts of 2020

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Say adios to the neat-and-polished haircuts of yesteryear. We’re taking a break from those classic vintage hairstyles like the ever-trending pompadour and fancy business cuts of the 1920’s. We’re even saying goodbye, for now, to long shaggy hair (thanks for the good times, Jon Snow). For this year, hairstyles are taking a turn into artistic territory, embracing movement, layers and drama. Let’s browse through the best men’s haircuts of 2020. 

The Textured Haircut  

This year, it’s all about the texture. We’re referring to the hairstyle’s overall shape, along with the finish on the ends: shaggy, choppy or feathered. 

Why it’s trending 

Adding texture to your hair is a brilliant way to balance out your facial features. If you’ve got a small jawline or big ears, some dynamic layers up top can create the illusion of harmonized proportions. Or if you’ve got a long and narrow face, try letting your layers extend farther down on the sides, forming a low fade. This trick can bring more width to your features.

Hairstyle ideas 

For something different, try an angular fringe haircut or a spiky brush-up. Depending on the effect you're trying to achieve, be it rugged and relaxed or crisp and upscale, talk to your barber about which texture might suit you best. 

The Neo Mushroom Cut 

mushroom cut

If you had your heyday in the 90s, you might recall the famous Mushroom Cut with mixed feelings. Also known as a bowl cut, a mushroom cut is where the hair is grown long to the temples and kept pin-straight (even the bangs), and then the sides and back are kept short. 

If you ever watched Star Trek, you might recall Spock’s nerd-tastic hairdo— and yes, it’s a classic mushroom cut. The name comes from the hair’s shape, which actually does resemble a mushroom. Trendy? Not so much. That’s why in 2020, we’re inviting a fresh revival of the mushroom cut with a looser, textured version. 

Why it’s trending 

Justin Beiber attempted to revive the mushroom cut back in 2010. He rocked a wispy version, which he showcased at his first SNL debut, along with his infamous hair flip. But alas, this look wasn’t enough to inspire the average dude. 

Hairstyle ideas 

So for 2020, there’s a mass interest in making the revised mushroom cut work. Think of it as a reimagined spin on the original; except, instead of the traditional straight bowl shape on top, you can experiment with an endless range of textures and styles. 

But there’s a catch: you must be prepared to grow out your bangs. Since traditionally, the mushroom cut is known for bangs, the newer versions should still have this feature. Otherwise, it’s not a true neo mushroom cut. 

The Futuristic Haircut

Trending in 2020, men’s haircuts are looking to the future. 

Why it’s trending 

Inspired by space travel, haircuts are harnessing the feel and spirit of a new age (where literally, the sky’s the limit). Hair is no longer just about looking handsome or “pretty”; it’s about getting creative and personal with your style. 

That’s why more gents are ditching strict and hard-to-manage hairstyles for fresher, looser ways to express their identity. 

Hairstyle ideas 

Think outside the box. A prime example is the comet tail: a swept back look with layers that resemble shooting comets. You can also try any version of the angled undercut with a crispy hard part. Make sure to discuss your ideas with your barber to tailor the design to your needs. 

Or experiment with other NASA-approved creations. Almost anything that evokes a high-powered effect is on trend. Consider sharp lines, hard angles and jagged layers. 

Waves With Fade 

Calling all curly-haired gents! Now’s your time to ride those waves with pride. In 2020, wavy fringes, crops and sweep-up hairstyles are on trend.  

Why it’s trending 

Easy to manage and volume-friendly, these hairstyles are fashionable yet low effort. Here how it works: the top can be kept short or long, showing off either tight coils to fluffy ringlets, while the sides are contrasted with a high fade. But if you prefer, you can always add more length at the sides. 

Overall, the goal is being bold and intentional about embracing the natural bends and twists in your hair. 

Hairstyle ideas 

Need to get more daring? Consider a wavy fohawk to add another dimension of excitement and edge to your look. Want to push the boundaries even more? Try the wavy fohawk with disconnected side part. The barber will use clippers to etch a clean line, forming a side part that borders the fohawk and separates it from the fade. 

Hair Designs with the Clipper

hard part

With fades being so common, there’s a demand for more personalization. Get your barber to put a unique stamp on your hairstyle using clippers. 

Why it’s trending 

Now before you picture some twelve-year-old punk rocking a Power Rangers design in his fade, try being open-minded. 

Clipper designs can be tailored for gents at any age, ranging from funky doodles to simple and sophisticated lines. So if you’re a 30-something in a suit-wearing job, you can still be taken seriously with a subtle clipper design.

Hairstyle ideas 

If you prefer to take the minimalist approach, keep the design basic with a hard part and fade

There are tons of variations for how far a clean line can take your hairstyle. 

Try a sharp design over a mid skin fade or textured crop

For 2020, it’s all about playing with abstract hairstyles. Instead of force-styling your hair into a perfect coif, prepare to let it go. Embrace the natural feel and flow of your hair, including all your crazy cowlicks, to let all that real awesomeness shine through. No more hiding your true texture! Celebrate what you’ve got with a new hairstyle that’s easy to manage and even easier to impress. 

Browse through men’s hairstyles for 2020 on our Instagram page to find quality inspiration.


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