How To Confidently Make A Style Change in 2020

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A new year means new change. And in the spirit of change, it can be an empowering step forward to update your style. So even if your savings account hasn’t made any steps forward, you can still rely on some simple and affordable ways to revamp your look. Starting with your attitude, every guy needs a solid focus on confidence-- the most attractive asset you can wear. As for everything else, here’s how to confidently make a style change in 2020.

New haircut

new haircut

Old haircuts die hard. For 2020, we’re taking a respectful break from classic vintage hairstyles like the ever-trending pompadour and those polished gentlemen cuts of the 20’s. 

The texture trend 

This year is all about texture. We're talking about the hairstyle’s overall shape, along with  the finish on the ends: shaggy, choppy or feathered. 

For something new, try a layered, dynamic top or textured brush-up. Depending on the effect you're trying to achieve, be it rugged and messy or sky-high and fashion-forward, your hair texture should be treated in a specific way to create the best flow. 

The futuristic trend

Trending in 2020, men’s haircuts are taking a spin into the future. 

Inspired by space themes, the comet tail design is the latest must-try. Or alternatively, pretty much anything that’s six-inches tall and resembles an abstract sculpture is on trend. You can also experiment with the crispy hard part and customize the design with your barber. Be sure you know how to tell your barber what you want when experimenting with something new.

New suit jacket

Just like your deodorant, driver’s license and glove-compartment condoms, there are some essentials you can’t live without-- like the holy suit jacket.  A good, reliable suit jacket is one of those staples you need for a variety of occasions: dinner parties, restaurants, lounges and semi-formal events. 

The go-to suit jacket

If you’re going to invest in just one, go with the popular must-have: a navy slim-fit suit jacket with narrow lapels. This option is safe because it tends to look the most contemporary and flattering in terms of fit, while navy is always a handy fashion color. 

The robe coat

If suit jackets are too cliché or uptight for your tastes, try a similar style trend for 2020. 

Introducing the robe coat— a cross between laidback loungewear and high-end men’s fashion. These robes have that work-from-home, yacht club image for that effortless yet upscale feel.

Popular in Italy, it’s basically a fun take on today’s millennial tycoon look. 

New beard

new beard

You DON’T need to channel your inner Lincoln to get a cool beard for 2020. Whether you want some mid-sized scruff or a plump round bush, consider a style that’ll flatter your facial features. For guys with round faces, try shaping your beard into a narrow, angular shape  to create a slimming effect, while for guys lacking that Hercules jawline, grow out a fluffier beard to enhance your look.

To maintain your beard style in 2020, here are some trending products to try.

Beard balm 

Nobody likes a dry, scraggly beard. Beard balm helps hydrate, condition and add shine to your beard while moisturizing the skin underneath. The Sandalwood Beard Balm  is made with all-natural ingredients like joobia oil, beeswax and shea butter, working to prevent itchiness and flaking.

Pearwood multi hair comb

Detangle your hair with a classically styled Pearwood Comb. Given it's wooden construction, it's naturally anti-static and its uniform teeth width keep your hair and beard looking neat and tidy. 

Activated charcoal scrub

For a detox that’s no joke, charcoal-based skincare is a must for 2020. Used in face wash, charcoal acts as the active ingredient that absorbs impurities like a sponge, letting you naturally rinse away dirt and bacteria. For guys who are serious about maintaining a clean, fresh beard, try the Activated Charcoal Face Scrub.

New aftershave

When cologne feels too try-hard, opt for a new aftershave. Consider an all-natural formula, made with forest-derived botanicals like Cedar or Sandalwood. Leaving your face with a rustic woodland scent, it’s the kind of musk that makes your chest hair stand proud. 

Smell aside, however, aftershave offers some much-need skincare properties. How’s your skin looking for 2020? Aftershave helps your skin recover from the harsh razor action by delivering  soothing, vitamin-rich hydration. Sandalwood Aftershave features Coconut oil, Mango butter and Shea Butter to pamper just-shaven skin. You’ll  smell like nature’s backcountry-- not a bad way to start the day.

New eyebrows (yes, we said it)

You might raise an eyebrow to the idea of brow grooming. But despite those pencil-thin hackjob brows on those diva dudes from Jersey Shore, it’s still an art worth learning (when done properly, that is). The truth is that brow-shaping can do miles for your look. 

For 2020, try focusing your manscaping efforts on taming those caterpillars on your face.

Brow basics

Usually, we recommend visiting a professional who knows about trimming and shaping men’s eyebrows. However, if you’re a DIY-kind-of-guy, we recommend getting familiar with tweezers. They give you more control over your handiwork-- unlike a razor which can leave you botched and bumpy. 

And for the record, never use a razor to clean up your brows. Not only are the results unpredictable, but you’ll be left with awkward stubble as the hairs grow out. 

Brow styling basics

When shaping your eyebrows, be sure to use a “less is more” approach. Take a moment in front of the mirror to assess your natural brow shape. Only remove the baby hairs surrounding the main bulk of your brow, which will create a subtle shaping effect. Ultimately, the goal is for the brows to appear groomed without being overworked. 

Any of these style updates can bring a major confidence boost for 2020. Just make sure to keep your changes authentic and true to your personality. It’s not about adopting a new image, it’s about enhancing the one you’ve already got. 

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