How to wear sneakers fashionably

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Great news for laidback lads, sneakers are a fashion hit. But this trend isn’t just about comfort; the latest sneakers are oozing with all kinds of wild designs and urban glam. From metallic leather to spiked studs, get ready up step up your style. Here’s how to wear sneakers fashionably. 

Fresh white kicks

Fresh to death never gets old with white kicks. Easy to match and freshly polished, you can’t go wrong with them. Their only downside is that white gets dirty, but if you don’t mind the upkeep, their high-maintenance factor is a fair compromise. Besides, sometimes it takes effort to look effortlessly awesome.

Seek out white sneakers with smooth or quilted uppers— or any variation in-between. Pair them with slim-fit jeans and a V neck shirt or linen hoodie, creating a crisp, casual look.

shoes and shaving cream

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Who’s that stud?

Claim your stud status with bedazzled sneakers. From Louboutins to Giuseppe Zanottis, all the top designer sneakers are decked out in spikes and studs— perfect for fashion peacocking!

Wear them with plain or distressed denim to create a relaxed metropolitan vibe. For accessories, go with simple jewelry to avoid adding too much chaos to your outfit. The goal is to be trendy, not gaudy! Good lad.

All that gold

Slick and shiny, metallic sneakers are taking off! With their snazzy Hollywood appeal, they command attention wherever you roam.

Match them with black joggers or dress pants depending on the festivity of the occasion. For the shirt, a plain Henley, hoodie or fitted long sleeve completes the outfit. Just avoid wearing extra bling with metallic sneakers, meaning no gold or silver jewelry. Otherwise, you’ll risk entering tacky Jersey Shore territory—DTF? More like “Down to Fashion Fail.”

High on High Tops

High top sneakers are always on the menu. Inspired by basketball funk, their design is both urban and stylish. You can find high tops that vary from plain to neon or bedazzled with flashy buckles and laces.

Match your high tops with cuffed jeans or track pants, showing everyone that you don’t have to try hard to make waves.

high tops

Sporty Glam

After dominating the gym and that cutie who made your protein smoothie, there’s nothing like a solid pair of sports sneakers to power you up.

Sports sneakers are designed for durability and movement, while still giving you style points! Wear them with training pants, cuffed sweatpants or denim joggers. It also never hurts to add some man jewelry and maintain a well-groomed look. Be the handsomely sporty guy, not just a sweaty one!

Sneakers are all about convenient luxury. They’re easy-going with huge dress-up potential. But choose your pair wisely; it’s not always a one-size-fits-all thing.

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