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Some are born great, others achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon their  hair and skin. But not all of you. Whether you’ve got obnoxiously flowing Tarzan locks and a baby face, or tend to struggle with your maintenance, every man needs pampering--even the huskiest rough-it-in-the-woods types. So this holiday season, dear gents, indulge in some personal care products to add some caliber to your greatness. Here are the top personal care products every guy needs for the holidays.

#1 - Our Holiday Gift Set


Take on the seasonal freeze (and the holidays) with The Ultimate Beard Survival Kit. This kit contains all the survival essentials you need to upkeep your beard, be it a mountain of burliness or just some wee little scruff. It includes two scented beard balms, Cedarwood and Sandalwood, to hydrate and shape your beard with all-natural goodness, and a pearwood beard comb to stay handsomely groomed.

#2 - Pomade

Unless you’ve been hibernating all season, you should know about pomade. This grease-free, flexible styling paste lets you create all different levels of hold depending on the amount you use.  It’s a serious must-have for your list of personal care products for the holidays.

If you plan on rocking any of the latest hairstyles, such as the popular qualf or the fade comb-over, you’ll need pomade to achieve that soft, touchable texture.

#3 - Shaving Cream

We won’t boast about sensitive feelings, but we can’t deny our sensitive skin. For even the most gorilla-like hulks, your skin is best treated with a natural shaving cream to keep your face moist and pampered for shaving.

Our shaving cream features a rich, anti-inflammatory formula to ward away irritating razor burn. With its dewy feel and lightly scented oils, you’ll be left with a face worth caressing (and sniffing).

#4 - Face Wash

There are two types of men in this world: men who take pride in their face wash and those who don’t. If you want to join the ranks of those who do, go for our men’s face wash. Comprising all natural ingredients, our face wash is free from all those harsh chemical toxins, including paraben, perfume, alcohol and psychotic exes-- but actually.

#5 - 100% Natural Men's Soap

Lather up with nature’s purity. Our 100% natural men’s soap is like bathing in far-off springs; it’s developed with premium cleansing agents and woodsy-scented oils to deliver a refreshing and gentle lather. You’ll never experience the discomfort of a dry, rough after-feel.

This soap is also brilliantly versatile, designed to be used as a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and hand soap. With this all-in-one approach to cleansing, you can confidently attest to having found the ideal personal care product for the holidays.

How ever you choose to spend the holidays, make sure you’re never caught with a subpar care products-- you’re better than that!

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