These Submissions For "Best Mustache on the Internet" Are Even More Incredible Than Last Year

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#7 - Davy Crockett Mustache

He can skin a goat, guzzle a beer and still have time leftover to groom like a champ. If Davy Crockett had a stache, this would be it. Vote for him here.

Davey Crocket Beard

#6 - Jolly Good Time Mustache

This guy knows how to have a jolly good time. His heap of bushy goodness flows into two single-haired points. Plus, his fuchsia mohawk and bow tie is hilarious. Vote for him here.

Pink Hair Mustache

#5 - Musical Mustache

Beethoven's got nothing on this masterpiece! This fella’s musical mustache notes inspire us to take some notes. Bravo, keep doing your thing! Vote for him here.

#4 - Anti-gravity Mustache

The laws of gravity don't apply here. This mustache’s sea-parting greatness is pure glory to behold. Vote for him here.Best-Mustache

#3 - Patriot Mustache

Grab your whisky and make some whiskers. On the frontlines of awesomeness, this guy puts the patriotism in Mo Bro-ing. Hats off to him! Vote for him here. 


#2 - Mystery Mustache

Free and wild, yet somehow magically maintained, this logic-defying mustache does it all! What’s his secret? It’s a mystery…Vote for him here. 

Mystery Mustache

# 1 - Cowboy Stache

It’s a rootin tootin hell of a stache.  Full of grit and gusto, it’s what being a Mo Bro is all about. Help him lasso some more votes! Vote for him here.


So far, we’ve received over 2,500+ votes and 50+ Submissions. Feeling inspired yet?

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