What Should I Wear in Las Vegas?

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From the Bellagio to Caesars Palace, every thrill-seeker needs first-class garbs when strutting into the city of sin. With world-renowned restaurants, clubs and casinos, you’ll want to look and feel the part: a gent who belongs to this wildly awesome world (along with his wolfpack). So it’s no wonder every guy stresses over what to wear in Vegas. Whether you’re ruling like a king in your cabana or visiting the casinos, here’s how to be well-attired when making epic memories.

Daytime toils  


For a casual day in Vegas, you’re going for handsome simplicity. Your safest bet is a collared linen shirt, paired with light-washed jeans, chinos or if you’re feeling lazy, your most expensive joggers. You can finish the look with slip-on shoes— a must-wear in Vegas.

Poolside fun


By the deck or in the water, it’s your best aqua-friendly togs. Needless to say, you’ll be wearing pool shorts. To follow, you’ll rock that same daytime linen shirt, but now, with the buttons opened (hopefully you waxed). For shoes, a rustic pair of leather thong sandals offer a cool, vintage feel.

Upscale dining


Fill your belly while looking trendy. Vegas demands you don your slickest slim-fit long sleeve shirt. And here, the collar style matters; nothing too loose around the neck, so ideally, a frontpoint or button down collar. The bottoms call for trousers, chinos or a funky patterned pair if you're whimsically fashionable like that. Your shoes can be oxfords, chukka boots or loafers.


When betting with the bigwigs, you can’t gamble with your clothes— figuratively speaking. So play like a winner and save time by wearing your dinner attire to the casino. Only chumps change.

Club wear


Vegas is home to the most elite clubs in the world, which summons your best threads. For your shirt, choose a spread collar or an abbreviated spread style for a sportier relaxed look. Next, you may recycle, once again, your dinner pants, or get funky with shiny black pants. Your footwear should be both trendy and tasteful; go for Chelsea boots, wingtip boots or moto boots.

As we all know, Vegas is about image. Stay true to this styling guide for what to wear in Vegas and finally, never leave a member of your wolfpack behind (especially on rooftops).


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