What Should I Wear to a Concert?

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Concerts and fashion go hand-in-hand. You’re in this trendy, upbeat scene and so naturally, your attire should measure up. The only question is: how dressy should you be? Well, with a concert's festive feel, you should be, undoubtedly, smart casual— a balance between upscale and everyday wear. So, instead of donning your nicest loafers, you’ll be opting for some slick leather dress boots. Ready to rock out with your threads out? Follow this clothing guide on what to wear at a concert.

Standard v-neck shirt


Simple and easy, your v-neck shirt is your concert go-to. It offers a flattering fit, while effortlessly matching with most pants. Coordination is key here: if you plan on wearing coloured pants or a funky jacket, like a an embroidered vintage bomber, wear a neutral coloured v-neck in black, white or grey.  It’ll tie the outfit together.

Linen shirt


Expecting to sweat? Whether you’ll be jamming in the sweltering heat or way into the a.m. hours, a linen shirt will keep you fresh and clean. The material is lightweight and absorbent, keeping your vibe up and BO down.



You can never go wrong with jeans at a concert—ever! Invest in a high-end pair with tailored sizing to give you the perfect fit. You’ll feel like gold.

Black pants


It’s the universal trendsetter. Classically cool, black pants are your staple to wear at a concert. For the best fit, you must consider the cut. If you’ve got a lean figure, go for slim-fit and for wider legs, you’ll want boot-cut.

Denim vest


Add a touch of vintage trendiness with a denim vest. It lends some textural variation to your outfit, while also providing extra compartment space— you know, for your gum or special mints, or what not.

Bomber jacket


Sporty and stylish, the bomber jacket is your friend. There are dozens of textures available, like plain nylon, leather or those exquisite embroidered versions with sewn-in creatures on the back. Pay attention, chaps!



From military to moto style, boots make a fierce outfit-finisher. Wear them to concerts with denim or black pants for a slick look.

Designer kicks


Running shoes at concerts are a no-go, but it’s a “hell yes” for designer sneakers. Whether you prefer full-on bling with wild patterns or a more simplistic style, sneakers will complete your outfit.

These clothing tips will have you impressively dressed and concert-prepped. Just don't forget to bring water bottles— your greatness must be quenched.


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