What Styles Do Girls Like on Guys?

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Guys and gals often have different definitions of great styling. While you might love that ironically flashy blazer or your grungy long hair, she likely won’t. Can you blame her? In fact, she’ll probably regard you as a homeless hippie. In truth, no matter how cool certain styles seem to you, the final verdict always goes to the ladies. That’s why you must learn the styles girls like best on guys. Read on.

Destroyed jeans

Rugged and manly, destroyed jeans are always attractive to girls. The rips and tatters give off that tough-guy-in-the-wilderness vibe, making them soft for this style.


But don’t settle for just any kind of destroyed denim. Find a quality pair that suit your body type and sit comfortably over the waist and groin. Otherwise, a cheap pair of poorly-fitting, battered-up jeans with holes will just get you ignored— and perhaps blacklisted from anywhere respectable.

Sporty jackets

From leather bombers to varsity jackets, these sporty threads get you noticed. As a trademark in men’s fashion, girls adore this style for its timeless, confident appeal.

leather jacket

Depending on your personal taste, there’s tons of versions to try. For the bonafide prepster, tennis-inspired jackets are your calling, while for the guy’s guy, a racer jacket is ideal. These sporty fashions look athletic and virile — girls are on board with it.

denim jacket

Light Chinos

Effortlessly fresh, light chinos are a status symbol. Often worn by yacht owners and celebrities who date models, you know its a style girls like on guys. With its lightweight and clean-cut look, chinos are your ultimate styling hack.chinos

You can also try rolling up the ankles when wearing them on a casual day. Finish with a sweet pair of loafers and you’re all set.

V neck shirts

V neck shirts are like great fashion for dummies. In grey, white or black, they’re mindlessly easy to match with anything! What’s more, the v shape neckline helps elongate your upper body, giving you extra physique points for the ladies. You can’t go wrong!

Man jewelry

Man jewelry says you’re awesome (when worn cleverly). But since accessories are more personal, you have to be thoughtful about which designs and textures work for you.


If you don’t mind peacocking, you can stack on three or four colorful bracelets for a funky touch. Or if you’re prefer simpler style, some leather or hemp bracelets, in warm earth tones, can quietly finish your outfit.

Finding styles girls like on guys doesn’t need to be rocket science— it’s the closing part we leave to you. At least for the opener, we’ve got you covered. With these simple fashion cues, you’ll get you noticed. Just don’t try too hard.

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