Grooming Essentials for College

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So it’s time to slap on the big boy pants for college? Great— try this one on for size: how’s your grooming game? Whether you’re in need of a freshmen impression or a sophomore encore, your hair care ABC’s should be high on your reading list. Let’s learn the ins and outs of upkeeping your mane, be it a mop head, a burly beard or just some wee bit of fuzz. Here’s the scope of your grooming essentials for college.


For any hair styling newbies out there, meet pomade. This grease-free, flexible styling paste offers all different levels of hold depending on the amount you use. From a neat slicked-back look to a soft tousled shag, pomade lets you create any hair texture you need for any style.


Moisturizing shampoo

Lather up with nature’s purity. A natural moisturizing shampoo is like bathing your hair in exotic far-off springs. It’s made with premium botanicals and woodsy-scented oils to deliver a refreshing lather. You’ll never experience the discomfort of a dry scalp.

cedar spice shower wash

This type of soap is also brilliantly versatile. It can be tripled as a conditioner, body wash and face wash— not bad, eh? With this all-in-one approach to cleansing, you can confidently attest to having the best personal hygiene with zero effort.

After shave balm

As guys, we don’t like flaunting our sensitivities, but we should still pamper our sensitive skin. Because let’s admit: shaving is tough on your face.

Sometimes, no matter how gently you shave, dry patches and bumps are unavoidable. So if you crave that smooth, just-shaven look, invest in an organic after-shave oil to nourish and hydrate your skin to prevent razor burn, redness and irritation — your nightmare college threesome.


Also, keep an eye out for after shaves with a light, earthy scent. Anything floral or perfumey will just leave you smelling like a chick’s lotion stash— not handsome! Instead, seek out scents that feature all the wholesome ingredients we know and love, like Cedar and Sandalwood. They give off a woodsy aroma for that rugged, wilderness vibe.

You’ll be left with a face worth caressing (and sniffing). There’s something about nature’s smells that leave women hooked— maybe it’s their primal cave-woman instincts— who knows?!

Face Wash

Put you best face forward for college with fresh skin. We recommend using a natural moisturizing face wash made with safe and soothing ingredients— unlike those chemical-filled disinfectants you’ll usually find at your average drugstore. The harshness of these cleansing formulas actually provoke acne and patchy skin because they dehydrate your skin.

face wash samples

A natural gentle face wash, on the other hand, is free from harsh toxins, including parabens, alcohol and sulfates. Not only will your skin look and feel better, so will your confidence.

For your grooming essentials for college, never settle for cheap products… or girlfriends—you’re better than that!

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