Why Razor Blades Are So Expensive

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Ever walked down the shaving aisle of a drugstore and thought, "what the heck!"? Well, razor blades aren’t as basic as you think. There’s a lot of precision, engineering and artistry that goes into each one. 

The craftsmanship of a good blade

Making a great blade is an art. This precision of its design is the main reason why razors are so expensive. To make them, it all starts with fine sheets of steel that are ground so they're super sharp to the tip and sturdy at its base. Ultimately, the blades have to be paper-thin yet strong enough to cut through coarse facial hair (1/10" mm thick).

The blade angles

The better the blade, the lower the risk of nicks or razor burn. So the angle at which the blade is cut matters. It’s the difference between a spectacular shave and a clumsy hack-job on your face. Although wet-shaving gives you the closest shave, cartridge razors have become much better at reducing cuts and providing a smooth shave.

Different factories offer special trademark razor angles and styles that are used by certain brands. Naturally, the highest caliber angles are the most expensive.


To make the steel blades stronger, there are even more production steps. Each step helps turn those razor-thin sheets of metal into durable, long-lasting blades. And it costs more money!

First, the blades have to be heat-treated and then cooled to strengthen the molecular structure of the metal. Then, each blade needs to be ground and polished. When it's completed, the edges of the blade are about 1/10 the thickness of a human hair. Finally, keep in mind that modern day cartridges have multiple blades for shaving precision, plus a lubricating strip. This detailed focus on comfort and safety is another reason why razor blades are expensive.

Why we started including free blades with every purchase

razor blades

We know that high-quality, triple-blade razors are hard to come by. And when you consider the fact the average Canadian spends over a hundred dollars a year on razors, it becomes obvious that shaving is more expensive than it should be. So we've made it as easy as possible for Canadians to stock up on free blades. Here's how it works:

1. Add your favourite grooming items to your cart.
2. As you add more items, the number of free blades you are eligible to receive increases. You get 2 free blades for every item added.
3. When it's time to checkout, add the free blades to your cart. The blades ship in the same box along with your other items!

razors canada

If you've done the math, you'll realize shopping from Rocky Mountain Barber Company means you'll never pay for razor blades again:


2 razors


4 razors


6 razors

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