What To Do About Thinning Hair

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Losing your hairline is destiny, but style should stay forever. So instead of sacrificing your dignity (and sanity) investigating your scalp and having those “WTF” moments in the mirror, embrace your changing look with some practical tips for thinning hair. And no, we’re not talking about hair-growth meds. These drugs make your hair follicles lazy and unable to grow independently. For better options, you can learn some natural solutions for thinning hair.

But before the learning begins, keep this crucial mindset: the REAL way to beat thinning hair is self-acceptance. Because no matter how many hair-fixes you try, you can’t restore your attractiveness if you don’t value yourself first. Understand that thinning hair isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a more seasoned chapter in your style. The more you embrace this stage--a natural phrase in every guy’s life-- the more pride you’ll exude, regardless of your hairline status.

Now let’s learn how to conquer thinning hair.

Get a new haircut

Disguise your receding hairline with a cool new cut. It’s a subtle trick that refreshes your style, while also distracting from your thin spots.

The power of a new cut

Whether it's a drop fade, buzz cut or crew cut, there are tons of looks that hide hair loss. Daniel Craig, for example, has mastered this technique. Whether it's a cropped textured top or buzzcut, he rocks both hairstyles flawlessly despite being in his 50s.

A cropped textured top or buzzcut is a simple but effective solution to styling thinning hair.

Finding the right haircut for your problem areas will create the illusion of more fullness, while raising your confidence during this transition phase. As you adjust, both mentally and physically, to your shifting hairline, a great cut will feel empowering.

Shortly, we’ll review the best haircuts for thinning hair. But first, let’s consider the drawbacks of avoiding this change and resisting a new style.

The wrong haircut for thinning hair

The wrong haircut can actually exaggerate a receding hairline. For example, if you’re thinning at the temples, a fohawk or combover will draw more attention to your spares areas by contrast. Guys in denial who continue growing their hair, especially along the sides, will leave exaggerated bald patches that resemble Bozo the Clown. Or there’s also the outdated maneuver of using different comb-over techniques to hide thin spots. The problem is that none of these strategies are flattering--in fact, they only make you less attractive.

Prince William is a famous culprit of this wrongoing. He preserves his leftover bits, like they’re the last crumbs on earth, turing his scalp into an awkward conservation center for his remaining patches. Why advertise your thin spots? Instead, get a new haircut that suits you.

Haircut ideas to hide balding

To hide your thin spots, your haircut should work with your balding pattern. If your hairline is thin at the temples, it’s better to go with a short hairstyle with a customized fade. A medium or short buzz cut is always an excellent solution. It masks thinning areas because the borders of your hairline are less noticeable.

A medium or short buzz cut is always an excellent solution. It masks thinning areas because the borders of your hairline are less noticeable.

Another trick is a disconnected undercut. A trimmer is used to make a part in the hair, above the sides, producing the illusion of a new hairline. As this cut brings more focus to the sharp lines and the hair on top, it masks thinning areas around the front.

Overall, these types of cuts are meant to add a sharper, cleaner effect for a more youthful feel.

Shave your head: Go bald

If you’re tired of being a hair illusionist, embrace your situation and go bald. This decision takes guts and shows you’re taking ownership over your identity, on your terms, as a proud and self-accepting guy.

There’s an awesome sense of relief when you’re free from the stress of hairline maintenance. Stalling this process will only spoil your chance to feel handsome and comfortable in your own skin.

For inspiration, follow in the footsteps of bald celebs like John Travolta, Jason Statham or Samuel L Jackson. As these men gracefully show, you should NEVER feel beaten by going bald. Consider this choice a victory.

With the right attitude, a shaved head can be an asset. When baldness and confidence are interwoven, it can give off an impressive, intimidating vibe.

Try a new hair product

Hair-loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. So when it comes to harline management, you can choose from a huge Neverland of products. Whether you’re looking for hair fillers or a volumizing treatment, every lotion, potion and spray you can imagine exists.

Hair fibers

A common solution for thinning hair is hair-building fibers. It’s a temporary fix, letting you spread micro flecks over your scalp to conceal thinning patches. After applying the product, you can comb through you hair to evenly disperse the fibers and achieve a more natural effect.

Darkening spray

Another similar product is a darkening spray. The can releases a dark mist to add fullness, while also spreading hydrating agents to protect and condition your existing hairs. The best versions will also contain growth enzymes for your roots and natural exfoliators to remove dead skin cells from your scalp to prevent dandruff.

Volumizing hairspray

If you’re not a fan of faking fullness, try a volumizing hairspray. This treatment gives a temporary boost of volume by coating your hair shafts, building the density of each strand. Your hair’s texture will feel softer and shinier, but for those needing serious bald-spot-coverage, this option might be too subtle. Since you can’t expect a miraculous transformation, you’ll do better with cover-up solutions like building fibers or darkening spray.

Shampoo less often

Frequent shampooing can stall hair growth. On average, guys should wash their hair once to twice a week. Bad news to any clean freaks, excessive cleansing can accelerate a receding hairline.

The dangers of over-shampooing

Too much cleansing plows away moisture from your scalp, depleting the natural oils from your hair follicles. You need this moisture to maintain healthy growth patterns and shine.

Otherwise, your scalp can get dry, leading to unhealthy hair follicles.

Dry scalp

In worst cases, your scalp becomes a desert of dead skin cells-- otherwise known as dandruff.

These flakes clog your hair follicles, along with sebum and other impurities, creating a toxic bio-cocktail of bacteria. Under these conditions, your roots can’t grow well. The strands will get thinner, growing more brittle and lifeless as time passes.

Dull hair

Too much shampooing sucks away those lustrous oils, leaving your hair dull-- and possibly frizzy. Protecting your hair quality is crucial when dealing with thinning hair. You’ll want to strengthen and nourish the strands you’ve already got, preventing them from joining the disappearing act.

As you see, there’s no single solution for thinning hair. You’ve got a variety of tricks and treatments, some more high-maintenance than others. The best option depends on your patience level and the demands of your overall lifestyle. But never underestimate the simplest solution of all: shaving your head. A look that’s always in style-- a bald head is truly ageless.

Water-Based Hair Products

Water-based hair products provide a great hold while still maintaining a high level of flexibility, allowing you to style and rework your hair throughout the day. One of the major benefits of water-based hair products over oil-based hair products is they rinse out more easily in the shower. Oil-based products often require multiple rounds of shampooing for them to be removed. As frequent aggressive washing is one of the factors that can lead to thinning hair, we recommend a water-based hair product as it can be washed out easily.  texture paste

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